Saturday, August 29, 2009

God is on the Throne

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This week my emotions were like a roller coaster. The one constant for me was speaking the Word of God. Circumstances or emotions are not to rule your destiny or your actions. We have to be able to see what is happening in the natural to get to the supernatural God wants to show us. Just when I was tempted to wonder where in the world God was...He showed me His care for the little things and the big things. At one point I was riled and as I started to read the Word...I asked God what use it was to do so that emotions after all were all over the place. Thankfully He reminded me that my faithfullness in placing His Word in my heart was why I had truth to draw from even on days that seem bleak. His prodding reminded me that I didn't have to stay upset...I could speak His Word...and sure enough his Word changed circumstances.

Keep Speaking God's Word over situations.
It is easy to get into a pity party about what folks say and do....why things are going so slow, or why distressing things happen. I don't for a minute deny the fact that there can be sorrow and hurt in our lives. However, much of what we end up living depends on our ability to believe God has a greater plan and our willingness to dare against all logic to speak His Word instead of voicing a current circumstances ..even when a discouraging word is on the tip of the tongue. God when we replace words of defeat with words of faith.

Look beyond the obvious.

God is always on the throne and in control, yet sometimes we don't see it. It is like the old saying that says, "you can't see the forest for the trees". What is blocking your view of Jesus? What is blocking your fellowship with Him. Take a minute and ask the Holy Spirit this question and He will be faithful to tell you. It is not about feeling condemnation for letting something block your view. The Holy Spirit reveals things so that you can have the results that the Father desires in your spiritual life. When blockages are removed..You see Him high and lifted up on the throne above all thrones. He is faithful to help you remove trees that block your view of the beautiful forest of God's love and plan for you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

God Stirs Hearts

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Some time ago my Dad began to share with me a few passages of Scripture that the Lord was speaking to him about. I've been pondering them for awhile now.

The first Scripture that Dad mentioned concerns King Saul and how when he first became King.. God caused men to be knit to him so that they were willing to follow him as King. 26 And Saul also went home to Gibeah; and valiant men went with him, whose hearts God had touched. (1 Samuel 10:26, New King James Version)

We know that in the end King Saul didn't follow God and that Pride got in his way. However, reading the chapters about him we see God gave him every chance for a successful reign if he had chosen the right path.

I believe God can touch hearts to work along side just as he did for King Saul. The men who followed Saul were "valiant" men. I love the sound of that word...but truthfully I had to look up the meaning since it is not used much in our everyday language. It means courageous, brave and steadfast. I believe God is looking for courageous, brave and steadfast people to be knit or touched to follow specific ministries.

God desires to put Godly pastors in churches and valiant men and women who will be touched to help the work of the ministry in that church and community. He also desires to put Godly men and women into leadership positions in places of influence in political offices, business establishments, and places of employment and also place godly men and women who will be touched to follow and help them to make a difference in our society.

The church that you attend is more than a place where you simply receive and draw strength is also ment to be a place where God sets you in motion to be a strength to your pastor and others who attend. It is to be a place where you have been "touched" by God to help and be a blessing. A place where you learn to do the work of the ministry and reach out to others.

A few years ago Pastor John and I attended the funeral of one of our childhood pastors. Pastor John and I didn’t know each other when we attended Elmira Christian Center (the name was Pentecostal Tabernacle when we were there)because the church was large. At the funeral, I realized that even though we had grown up and moved away we still carried the vision which the pastor, his wife and the church family had implanted in our heart. This was not a man made was the vision that the Lord had given them.

In what ways do you see God stirring your heart or knitting it to your church family.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sermons and Sunday School

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Repair the Breach

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