Thursday, May 29, 2008

I found a great Memorial Day Video 2008

that I'd love to share. It shows our military and the work and sacrifices they make for us....we appreciate what they do for us and for the countries where they are located. Many thanks to Godtube that enables us to share videos and place them on our web-sites and to the person who uploaded it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Micaiah Ministries will be coming to the church August 24th to visit us again. I’ve been pondering their sermons from last year for the last month. Brother Todd talked about Faith that finds a way. He talked about the four men who cooperated together to bring their sick friend to Jesus. He reminded us that doing God’s will requires something more from us. One statement Todd made keeps coming back to me again and again….”We really don’t believe something unless it alters the way we do things.” I’ve been blessed to hear testimonies of our folks speaking to others in new and different ways about the gospel beyond the four walls. I have confidence that as a church we will continue to make the commitment to listen to the Spirit of God being willing to “find means or a way” to do what Jesus asks us to do. Another statement Todd made in his sermon was, “What we find important we will make time for!” I’ve been challenge all over again by this message and I hope it will stir your heart too. Simply click the button below to hear Todd's sermon. Look for Kent's sermon to be featured in the next few days.

Stir it Up

Pastor John brought dark coca mixes to church and plugged in the coffee maker for hot water. Volunteers from the audience showed that even a drink that taste wonderful needs to be stirred up to get the full effect. Listen in as Pastor John reveals things that our Heavenly Father tells us need to be stirred up within our hearts for the best effect.

Simply click the button on the mini player to hear the sermon

Friday, May 2, 2008

Healing Scripture CD

My sister Debra came home to visit my Dad and us last week. She helped Pastor John complete a project that was long in the planning. It is a CD of Healing Scriptures with a background of soothing praise. I know you'll be blessed. Use the new link labeled Listen to Healing Scripture under the Links section on the right side of the blog.