Monday, February 2, 2009

Praying for the President...

  • This month we have a celebration called Presidents day. When I was in school we had two seperate for President Washington and one for President Lincoln. Those Holidays have been combined into one and it's aim is to honor all Presidents and their contributions to our nation. For quite some time our nation has been divided about very important issues. Christians are concerned about the direction our nation is taking in many areas and rightly so. So what are we to do in regard to prayer? When we pray for our current President there are some things to remember.

1. We are told to pray for our governmental leaders and kings. Romans 13:1-7, and I Timothy 2:2

2. Praying for our President is not based upon his preformance. Paul exhorted people of his day to pray for leaders that were anything but godly.

3. God holds the heart of the king. Proverbs 21:1 Your prayer aligned with the Word of God and joined with others can effect a godly change in his heart.

4. Praying for our President and desiring God to speak to his heart...does not mean that you have to agree with him on current policies.

Special video that Sis. Lynne sent me.