Monday, November 2, 2015

Not in my House----Not on my Watch

Those that attend the House know the theme God has given Pastor John for this season.  I hope to write at least once a week.  Blessing to our House, to those who have moved and have found new houses but still carry our love and blessing and to those who are friends and are faithful to their local House of worship.

 Not in my House---Not on my Watch

The Mission

This season is a season of warfare for Living Waters Fellowship and indeed for the body of Christ as we forge an offensive attack against the enemy of our soul.  Let us not misunderstand, it is not an attack we are running from or an attack which the enemy orchestrated, rather it is God ordained that the body of Christ move forward taking back everything the enemy stole from us in years past.  Much like the study we did on the wall that Nehemiah and the captives reconstructive despite mockery and all-out assaults to cause failure we now decree we take back what was taken by the thief.  The enemy, in that case, did not want Isreal to have defences against the attacks and influence of enemies all around. Our mission is likewise a wall of defence that gives us the vantage point to launch into the enemies territory and retrieve what was stolen and to protect our house from being pillaged.  We refuse to allow our House (Living Waters Fellowship of Watertown, NY ) to be pillaged with sickness, poverty, loss of relationship and loss of faith on our watch.  Likewise, local bodies of Christ  throughout the world join together to build their part of the wall.  The restoration in the house is the beginning of the end-time work of God to see lost souls come  to the Kingdom.

What is Needed?

Loyalty and Faithful Hearts
As a local body, we need to be loyal to the Lord and to the body where God has placed us.  If you are reading this and are a member of another local body of believers the same is true of you...we all play a vital part in our local body.

Area's of Loyalty

1.  Love for the Lord and willingness to obey His Word in all circumstances with an undivided heart.  A love that puts the will of the Father above all else and is thankful to Jesus for all things and honors the shed blood shed on the cross for us.  A love that is awakened to the Spirit of God.

2.  Love for the House that God placed you in and a desire to see it come to it's full potential understanding that we each are responsible for seeing that happen.  We must grasp the vision of our local body, be faithful in attendance, prayer and individual ministry.  We must seek the Lord to become aware of our part.  Sometimes if a person is not in pulpit ministry they mistakenly think their role is minimal when in fact in God's eyes it is key to the survival of the mission He has for your church.

3.  Love for the leadership that allows you to grasp the vision God has placed in different seasons of life for the House.  Love for the people that allows you to see beyond Sunday faces to the needs that they carry.  Love for Jesus and people that brings you to your knees with passionate praise and intercession.