Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunday School and Sermon Video

Pastor John video taped Bro. Larry this week during Sunday School. Bro. Larry has an annointing that makes God's wisdom for everyday life understandable. We hope that listening on line will encourage some of our LWF members that don't make it to Sunday School to come out and participate as well as bless friends from other areas of the country who listen. "Everybody ought to go to Sunday School"

The Psalms

Pastor's Sunday Sermon
Godly Repentance

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Larry Hosmer's Testimony

We are blessed to be able to share a testimony from one of our church members Larry Hosmer. He shares how God restored his marraige and how God has helped he and his wife and family walk through the the emotions of the death of their daugher Tina. I believe this testimony will be a blessing to you all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday Sermons

Call It What It Is

Your Prayer Can Be Powerful and Effective

Hidden Things

July 17, 2009
The Lord began to talk to me as I sat down to read the Word. I felt released to write it here.

Hidden Things of our heart
In this season of time the Lord will reveal the hidden things of the heart to His people. They will see in their own hearts. ..the hidden things that dwell there…things that need removal and that will be unsettling to see. This will happen to Generals on down to privates in His army. He will purify them with fire and even in everyday circumstances they will come to see what He sees that needs to be removed. This is in preparation for the move of the Spirit that is going forth in the world even today. It comes from His heart of love and because in this season we will need to go forth in power and victory with nothing holding us back. Reaction is the key to how believers will gain benefit from the unveiling of their heart being made plain to their eyes of understanding. It would be easy to desire to bury what one sees back up and go about life as usual. God told me, “In My Great love I can’t allow it to be buried, so when My children react that way I will unbury it again with a wind of my Spirit and present it before the eyes of understanding for My children to see in the light of day.” This exposure will show the hidden things and motives of the heart. Some will desperately try to fix themselves, but they must come to Him for strength and guidance to overcome. Hidden impurities of motive of the heart must be acknowledged and brought before the Lord and laid at His feet. He will powerfully crush them (the hidden things that offend) into powder and they (the hidden things that offend) will be blown away by the wind of the Spirit.” This will involve listening to the Spirit’s voice.

Hidden things of the Enemy
At the same time God will reveal the hidden things of the enemy and his agenda. The enemy is seeking destruction on every side. He seeks to confuse the Body of Christ bringing pride and condemnation. He (the enemy) seeks to stifle the move of God that is being carried out now and will be carried out in the near future through individual members of the body … he is seeking to keep the children of God from obeying the voice of the Lord . The Lord says, Guard your heart…Proverbs chapter 4...the enemy will try to regain what he has lost and open doors again from which you have be set free from bondages…he will try to set new doors before you to walk through that are formed for envy, strife and bitterness. Sing out loud because our Savoir is bigger…Stand up those that have stumbled and return to the Lord of Host who rescues us from all bondage. Wash off your failing in the blood and stand firm in guarding your heart. He (the enemy) will seek to disengage your relationship with God and relationships that bring strength to your spirit. Be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and tender to his wooing and prodding.

Hidden things of God
God in this season will show His Children the hidden things of the Kingdom. Things (the plans and purposes of God for given situations) that have been saved for such a time as this. Strategies that will overcome works of darkness and expose the lost to the Light of the Gospel, increase that will enable families and ministries to provide for themselves and reach out to others proclaiming the voice of the Kingdom with power and signs following wherever they go. Nothing in his plan is too small or too big.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Sermon's

Good Morning. Pastor John and I have been away this week helping his folks put in a new bathroom that will be easier to use along with a new upstairs washer/dryer. It was fun. Back on the homefront...we had trouble with last weeks sermon. He preached a messaged called ..."Now that Fits" It was about speaking words fitly spoken and I was looking forward to putting it online. Both our dvd and audio copies decided not to work so I will be putting up an eposiode of our Kingdom Principles and the Sunday Evening service.

Kingdom Principles: Fit your place:

Don't forget the Miracles

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Priceless Things

Pastor John's sermon this week was called "Priceless" It was word to encourage believers to live a "priceless" life for God. We've all seen the commercial where somethings are priceless because they are precious. Our life can be that way with God.

The last few weeks I've been pondering a verse in Romans where Paul told the church he was looking forward to visiting them so that he could impart to them spiritual gifts and encouragement in the faith and so that they could encourage him back in the same way. Sometimes as Christians we can get lopsided in giving and receiving encouragement. It might not occur to a Christian who works a regular job, raises a family, and goes about daily activities that they have words or actions that can be an uplift to those who are considered spiritual leaders as Paul was or those leaders that attend their local church. Paul had a relationship with the church at Rome and friendships that he trusted would be able to speak into his life as well as him speaking into theirs. I've been thinking about the relationships God has brought to Pastor John and I over the years both within and outside our church that have been a blessing to us. My Bible College professors often advised pastoral majors and those that married ministry leaders to limit their close friendships to other pastoral families. While I've gleaned a lot from other ministry families and have enjoyed their friendship...I'm glad that I didn't heed that advice....I would have missed out on some beautiful friendships that have helped me receive from the Lord instruction and encouragement. Remember whatever your circle of influenc is ..part of your ministry to the Body of Christ is to give and receive spiritual blessings and encouragement.