Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everyone Needs some help once in awhile

Last week Micaiah Ministries came to our church and blessed us with a Word of Faith and action. I challenge you to listen to these sermons more than once to get the word implanted in your heart. When a word has truly gotten into our heart there is an action that follows that word in our daily live. Click on the LWFvideoblog to hear them.

Scooter woke up at about 4 am...she was panting and afraid... so Pastor John gave her some water...it only worked for a little while so I ended up taking her in the living room and holding her. I gave her her heart pill early around 5 am and took her outside to go potty. She finally began to settle down on the couch. Scooter is usually a good little dog and she sleeps through the night. It could have seemed like an inconvenience to have to calm her and take time with her...but I knew she was just having a bad night and she was afraid. It reminded me that there are times when we humans can be going along our path with smooth sailing only to have a patch where we are unsettled and need that extra comfort. Staying up with Scootie was worth it... as I hear her breathing contently on the couch I'm glad I was patient with her. Maybe there will be someone in your path who usually seems in tact who will need a little extra comfort. .I praise God for people God's put in my path who have been willing to give that to me when I needed it. Well, it is a little past 6 a.m. and I don't usually get sub jobs on Tuesdays so I'm going to get my pillow and settle in near Scooter for a little while. Have a blessed Day.