Monday, February 25, 2008

Taste and See

What a delicious Sunday. I mean that literally. Many of us are still thinking about the Chocolate Cheese Cake that Pastor John had the ushers pass out at the beginning of service. Confusion set in for a moment as the sweet smell of chocolate wafted in the air and down the aisle. The topic was based on the Scripture, Psalms 34:8 “ O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” KJV Mouth’s watered as they waited for the cake to arrive at their seat. It is not every Sunday that you are encouraged to eat during a message.

The passage tells us that God desires mankind to take a taste of His love for them.

  • There are so many of us that feel as if God is sitting on His throne waiting to pound us if we make a mistake. When really He wants us to look to Him for help to change and become the person He created us to be. We have to take a taste of His love for us and see for ourselves.

  • In the verse before God promises that His angels encamp round about in protection of God’s people and in the verse after God promises provision. Taste and see and be blessed.

  • Some of us chaff against the message because we’ve had some bad taste associated with God. Maybe people have hurt us. Maybe we haven’t gotten an answer to prayer in the way we wanted. Maybe we are in circumstances that seem so hard. The Lord beckons’ us to taste and believe His love and care for us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Principles of Praise Series

Pastor John spoke this week on the fact that we need to frequently come into the Presence of the Lord. It is not rote or obligation...when we will be willing to make an effort to immerse ourselves in His presence he will come near to us. Pastor encouraged us this week to draw near. Hear are 3 different types of songs that will touch the hearts of people. Choose one today and come boldy into the throne room.

My Redeemer Lives

My Hope is in you

LIfehouse Skit