Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Every year we gather together as families in the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Our Canadian friends celebrate on a different day. I love the season with is bright colors , pies , turkey's and best of all the family fun and togetherness. My mother started a tradition that we all used to groan about...we each had to take a turn around the table saying what we were thankful for in our life. I remember quickly trying to think of something that would satisfy her request. My attempt was not a lie, but it was never really thought out in a meaningful way. I wonder if we go through the day forgetting what it really means. We all know that the ideal sometimes gets marred with unpleasant things. Family meltdowns or strains, inability of some family members to celebrate with us, stress of preparation, or money problems can leave some of us wondering what there is to be thankful about. When we remember the first Thanksgiving the Pilgrims celebrated we can get a glimpse of what the day can mean to us. They had endured a hard winter, lack of food, sickness and death in their families and community, homesickness and a myriad of other outside sources of discouragement. In the midst of that better weather, the friendship of Indians who helped them plant crops and learn what to eat and what to avoid, brought them hope for the future and restored faith in the Hand of God upon their life. It wasn't that they forgot all of their hard ache...they simply chose to see that Jesus didn't forsake them and they were thankful for the provision they received. I'm convinced that sometimes we don't see God's provision or another persons contribution because our eyes are on yesterdays pain or today's problem. Thanksgiving doesn't deny hard things in life rather it chooses to change the filter and really see the things big and small that are reasons to rejoice. This year as I look at the table and see my mother 's place empty and my eldest unable to come home I have to change the way I look at things. I chose to remember their love and the ways they've brougth joy. I may shed some tears, but they are mingled with thanks to God , family and friends for all that God has provided. Can you think of a few specific things to be thankful for around your table this Thanksgiving Day that will hold real meaning to you? I'd love to have you write about some of those things in the comment section. Simply click the envelope underneath this post and write your comment.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A New Direction

Yesterday as the church members entered the sanctuary they were faced with seating going in a new direction. Most chose to find a seat as close to the proximity where they were accustomed to sitting while others ventured out to find their new place in this new direction. Many people resist change for the fear the uncertainty, I had told them the previous Sunday that it would be different this week, some expressed concerns, I need my chair, or my view. God is continually asking us to stretch our borders, go beyond our comfort limits and to launch out into the deep. When He brings a change in our lives or situations we can embrace it or rebel. Oftentimes He may only want to see if we are willing, but sometimes He is trying to create a new vortex in our lives that will draw us closer to Him. Are you willing?
Pastor John

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keith Moore in Syracuse and Church News

Living Waters Fellowship has been blessed by Keith Moore Ministries and the biblical teaching on such subjects as faith, healing and prosperity. We always look forward to my sisters' visits and news of Faith Life Church. So I’m happy to announce that Br. Moore will be in East Syracuse the 25th of this month at 7:30 p.m. It’s our hope that some of you will be able to attend. Abundant Life Christian Center will host the event. The Web-site for the church is We will hand out direction sheets at church for those interested in going. Their phone number is (315) 463-7300

Pastor John has been busy rearranging the church. He is excited about getting the sound system formatted correctly and he believes that the change will help the atmosphere of praise. I’ve been busy this week working on the web-site. I found a sight which allowed me to add an interactive calendar with a complete description of events. I still have some areas to fix and to improve upon. I’m still working on the header of the sight…but am pleased that I at least have a solid background now instead of the one that looked like a pair of sunglasse mixed in a sea of blue. Also a feature was added to our LWFChurchblog which automatically puts new blog entries on your google, bloglinks, netvibes, newsgater, my yahoo or atom pages. You can sign up to receive both post and comments on these pages making it easier to know when new entries have been posted. Google is my home page so new entries show up there now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

United States of America

The other day I substituted in a local high school and some of the younger teachers were discussing the date of Veterans Day. They bemoaned the fact that it breaks up the schedule of the week and makes it seem to both teachers and students like there are two Mondays that week. I might have joined in with them if I hadn't just read the history of the day for a gift we were preparing for the Veterans who attend our church. Indeed for a time our country did change the day to Monday for convenience sake . The history of the day is that on November 11th at 11:00 a.m. the first World War ended. After bitter fighting the war to end all wars was over and people in many European nations along with the United States had celebrations on November 11 at 11 o’clock for years following. It became apparent that other wars would come and there would be a need to appreciate all veterans from all wars, but the date meant something to the people. It was a day that victory over evil was achieved, a day when the horror of war ended, and the country looked toward brighter days ahead. Perhaps as vets and people from that generation pass away the date will be regulated to a Monday like the rest, but I think it will loose the value of history. Perhaps our schools and churches would do well to remember the date.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prayer for The President Elect

You may be rejoicing over the new pick for President or as some have described it you may be in mourning. Scripture tells us that we are to pray for our leaders and so whether or not you voted for President Elect Barack Obama our assignment as Christians is to begin to cover him and his family with prayer. Those who are disappointed by his victory may have to shed the fear that things are going to go downhill for our nation. Do we still believe that God can speak to the hearts of kings? Do we still believe that God is in control? Do we still believe that God answers prayer in 2008? What would happen if God's people in mass began to pray in earnest for our next President and first lady?
Here are some links that give food for though.
10 Ways to Pray for President Elect Barack Obama

Kim Clement on the results of the election

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pray for our Election

The Word of God tells us to pray for our leaders. It can be hard during the election process because we tire of the mud that seems to get slung back and forth. We get frustrated some times because it seems in the natural that we don't have a voice to create real change. The truth is though we do have a voice. We can listen to God and vote our conscience. Let's believe together that our Sovereign God is able to help this nation choose its next leader.