Sunday, March 29, 2009

God is Doing Great Things.

This week the Lord has been speaking to me about His desire for the church to go forth in His power and might. There are always obstacles to overcome, but God is mighty in power and strength. "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit," Says the LORD of host. Zechariah 4:6
We are pleased to announce our first video segment with a military theme hosted by Bro. Charles and Sis. Leesa. If you are a Military family or know anyone who is this will help them in a season of deployment. (You may have to wait a few minutes for the mini player to load up....)

May 2nd LWF will be hosting a Women's Breakfast called Women of Influence at Ramada Inn for the churches of the Watertown Area. We are blessed by the ministry that God has given our area over the years through various churches who have been faithful to our community and we'd like to give back to them. The Breakfast will start at 8:30 and encourage us to be influencers in the Kingdom of God.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going Forth

This morning Church Service was a time of going forth in God. We did things a little backwards and ended up having song service last instead of first. The Lord is faithful to bring refreshing. Discouragement comes in many different forms, but God is able to deliver us and bring us focus and victory in Him. When we read the Psalms we see that David experienced relationship problems, staff problems, family problems, even problems in the House of God. I'm blessed as I read the Psalms as I can almost see him pouring his heart out to God. The challenge that David sets before us is to not allow discouragement to have a field day in our life. We see David encouraging himself in the Lord. He does this in a variety of ways in the Psalms.

He encourages himself on his bed. This is my all time favorite description of David's strategy. You know, there are just some days when you can't get outa bed without speaking the Word of the Lord to yourself and calling out to Jesus. Sometimes a person might even be tempted to take to their bed during the day because of discouragement....but David made his bed a place where God was invited to give him a victory perspective.

He spoke the Word of God over the situation. Some folks are afraid to admit there is a problem. David had no such reservations as he talked to God. He laid it all out on the table in his Psalms. Thing is he didn't stay on the problem. Don't you just love the end of some of the Psalms that started out with the problem and end with words of faith and victory about God's faithfulness and promise of victory? David knew a key to our release from discouragement. The presence of the Lord...brings God's perspective and hope to a situation that otherwise would seem insurmountable.

He sang a new song. We know that many of David's Psalms were set to Music. (some Psalms had different authors...those most are David's) David didn't loose that key to victory that he learned as a shepherd boy when he tackled the lion and the bear....when the harp and lyrics were used to sing of the glories and majesty of the Lord. There is something about singing about God's faithfulness that stirs and encourages even a broken heart.

He acknowledged his sin and repented. David came to realize that sin that is unacknowledged before God causes a person to be on the wrong path. It causes the peace of God to be missing. He discovered the love and grace of God is everlasting to those who come before Him with a humble heart. David found restoration and peace.

This week take a look at the Psalms and remember encourage yourself in the Lord and walk in the victory of the Lord.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Presence of the Lord

I've been listening to a song on (a Christian music sight) called Passionate Pursuit. (it is on the first player..takes abit of skimming through the songs to get to it) The song is about seeking the presence of the Lord. The Lord desires His people to come into His presence. He loves us and now is a time in history when His people will do exploits as days of old in His name. It is a time of both pursuing His presence and listening to His voice through prayer. Sunday as we worshipped the Lord spoke to my heart that he loves it when we come together and are eager for Him. I felt it upon my heart to ask you to prepare for this coming Sunday through prayer. Here are some of the things we can pray for in our midst. If you attend another church these items are good for you too..just add your own info.

1. Pray for the atmosphere of our church to be filled with His presence. Pray during the week and when you arrive at church at some point after you've fellowshipped slip away and invite the Holy Spirit to have His way.

2. Pray for Pastor John and Pastor Ruth. It is a little awkward for me to ask this...but I'm reminded that Paul asked for prayer. Pray for wisdom, discernment, that we will seek the Lord during the week and that He will met us, pray against the attacks of the enemy and anything that would hinder, pray that our ministry gifts will flow effectively. I can't overstate the importance of the people of God standing behind their Pastors in prayer.

3. Pray for the Sunday School. Pray for Bro Larry this week as he prepares for the adult lesson. (though I'm with the kids....I've sensed an excitement about this class and what God is doing in it). Pray for his ministry gift to flow effectively. Pray for the Children as they learn the love of God and as they begin to minister in their own right. Special thanks and prayer for Sis Leesa as she teaches the nursery class. Remember Sis. Sally in Prayer that she has a speedy recovery.

4. Pray for the Praise Team. Pray for them as they prepare for this week. Ask God to bring His peace and to put a song in their heart. Ask for the wisdom of God to flow in their lives. Pray for their ministry gifts to flow effectively. Pray for the presence of the Lord to inhabit our praises.

5. Pray for the congregation. Pray that as we all go through this week that we pursue the Lord...not just Sunday but everyday. Pray that each one is comforted and encouraged of the Lord...and be open to the Lord as He invites you to be a blessing to each other. Pray that the ministry gifts of the congregation flow in order and effectively.

6. Pray for those who come into our church that they would feel God's presence, and have a desire to give all to Jesus, and that they would know the love of God's people. Pray that nothing hinders them as they seek Jesus. Pray for those in our midst who may not know Jesus or have strayed from His path that they will feel His presence, know His reality and desire to make Him Lord of their life.

Note for some reason the video's are not showing on the blog today...hopefully it will be fixed as they worked fine before. You can go to the listen to sermons page on to see them.image c. jim sutton