Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brrrrr It's Cold.

It's Wednesday night and the news says it is suppose to be even colder tomorrow. While walking into the house today I felt the cold air and looked at the white snow banks and thought I love it here. Yeah, sometimes I complain about the weather conditions, but its home. I realized that I love where God has placed me. The Lord began to speak to me about thriving here in the North Country. New Video below.
What can you do to thrive where you are even if you don't like something about it?
1. Look for the good things. You may be convinced that your city, job, family, school, or church doesn't have many good things. If you are going to thrive in the place you are then you'll have to begin looking at things from God's perspective. Determine to find things to appreciate in your circumstance. If your thoughts are negative towards a situation you will not be able to see what God may be showing you.
2. Pray for discernment. Praise the Lord, God doesn't want to leave us in the dark concerning where we should be in life. The fact that we have questions doesn't have to mean that we are in the wrong place to thrive. It could be we are right where God wants us, but we are centering on something that God wants us to let go of in our life.
3. Do something new. Take a new look at your situation. Is there something the Holy Spirit has been dealing with you about or something that someone in authoirty has spoken about that would give you some feeling of ownership in your circumstance. Volunteer in an area you haven't thought of before, do something special for someone....(write a note, buy a gift, spend time with someone) and ask the Lord to help you to see His plan.

Kingdom Principles

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LWF---A time of Prayer and Action

Christian Clipart

Kingdom Principles 4: Study to show yourselves approved unto God.

The Buzz every New Year in the media is how to keep your resolutions. In the coming days on my personal blog This Walk with Jesus I will be examing how to turn plans from the heart of God into a reality in our lives. I hope you will read along as we examine prayers part in promoting our actions this year. (I hope to have the first instalment up by Friday)

Prayer Target for the week: Increase in wisdom and revelation in both the pastors and the congregation as we listen to the voice of the Lord for the church direction and our families.

This Weeks video is Kingdom Principles 4: Study to show Yourselves Approved of God. Remember if at anytime the volume is low here on the blog you can go to the LWFchurch web-site and click listen to sermons and listen to the player directly and adjust the volume.