Friday, June 25, 2010

He Restores My Soul

Sunday School and Sermon

Lately it seems like many people are going through storms in their lives.

Psalms 23 speaks to us in these times.

I won't want

When I was a child and looked at the first sentence of the Psalm in the King James Version I was a little confused. It says..."The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" I thought it was saying I shall not want the shepherd. Thankfully later I realized that it meant that God is my provider and He is like a shepherd who takes care of his flock caring for each individual sheep. I won't want for anything when I trust in Him.

He takes me to the peaceful place.

Shepherds know that in order for their sheep to feel comfortable enough to eat and drink they must be in a peaceful place. So they provide green pastures near still waters. A fast running stream would make them uneasy. Jesus knows that about us too so He gives us access to a place we can hear His voice away from the storm. A place where we can drink from His strength in a still peace. Sometimes we forget the Shepherd is with us, we fail to allow Him to take us to the safe place in His presence and as a result we can't receive the Word (food and drink) He supplies. Come away from the pressures you face....stop all your doing and rest in His presence. This coming away can be as you read the word, or as you simply draw away from your work and worries and do something restful allowing Him room to bring peace.

He restores my soul
Have you ever had your mind swirl with information about what you are going through or worries about decisions you must make. The word soul means your mind, will, and emotions. The Good Shepherd is very interested in your mindset. Come away with and allow Him to change restore the hurts, worries and bring peace. When we allow Holy Spirit to renew our thought patterns...and we see ourselves through His love instead of our problems we can begin to walk in peace and righteousness.

I will fear no evil

"Yeah though I walk through the shadow of death....I will fear no evil for thou art with me" This famous phrase tells us that even our darkest fear can be conquered when we know that God is with us in the mix.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Strong Wind Is Blowing

Pastor's Sermon A Strong Wind is blowing encourages us to expect the supernatural in our lives. God makes Himself strong in our life. Sunday Sermon and Sunday School.

A Strong Wind of the Spirit Fills Your Cup

This week a dear friend sent an email with an important prayer request. I immediately wanted to respond. Yet I felt Holy Spirit say, "Fill your cup, write later" Lately I've felt drawn to come away with the Lord...and sometimes have been frustrated with the agenda of the day. I remembered that when we speak in heavenly languages that God edifies our spirit. So I went away for awhile and quieted myself in the midst of the noise of my life and took time to speak to God. There are different ways we can come away with him. My mother played the piano. I remember sometimes waking up as a child to the sound of her music drifting upstairs. I write my thoughts in a notebook....I cast my cares there...I cry out to Him there. We mustn't loose the connection when things are can be easy to come away when everything seems to be is in those times when we have noise and frustration that it is difficult. I needed to fill my cup...Holy Spirit reminded me that I can't give out if my cup becomes empty and dry. Yesterday's Manna is not sufficient for the new day.

Come away this week into the presence of the Lord...take some time away from the noise of the day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Ministry Experience

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Last December the kids from Children's Church went on their first ministry adventure. We are talking about planning another ministry endeavor with them and so I thought it might be interesting for you to read about their first experience. Perhaps it might entice you to think of something we adults can do together to reach out to the community. Let me know.

Lessons from children's first ministry experience