Sunday, August 10, 2008

City Code officer okays the Summer Work

Wow, Praise the Lord. It seemed absolutely insurmountable. Our building is an old tank factory and the portion farthest away from the sanctuary had a wall fall down last winter. The testimonies of God's goodness go on and on. We needed some finances to even get the project started plus we were on a time limit imposed by the city. Our building had a crane that we took down and sold for scrap. Thing is it didn't come down easily and we faced it being a problem that could have stopped us dead in our tracks...BUT God is our refuge in times of trouble. We really had to fight the thought that it couldn't be done...and that we'd have to give up our building. We worked steadily one task at a time. Pastor John worked despite sore hands and body aches. Church members gave up their weekends and days off and helped us. We've got more things to do with our building....we are believing God for the finances and the ability to complete all task. With God all things are possible.